Shine Marketplace E-news | Issue 2 | June 5 2020

Hey MVPs, it’s Green here.

These last few weeks have been surreal. On top of a global pandemic, our nation was rocked by the senseless murder of George Floyd. We’ve mourned with heavy hearts over this tragedy, but have also been inspired to see millions of people hitting the streets to speak out against the systemic oppression and injustice. 


Unfortunately, among the peaceful protesting have been waves of looting, vandalism, and other groups infiltrating these marches that ultimately detract from the overall message. Our own store on Fairfax was broken into, though our merchandise had already been removed. For more details on the incident, check out my thoughts on our blog. The situation is truly a testament to the chaos and civil unrest currently unfolding in our city and country. 


I know we’re waiting for things to “return to normal,” but the truth is, we need a new normal. A better, more unified one. My team and I are doing everything we can to advocate for this movement. And in the meantime, I’ll continue to support the artists, creators, and tastemakers in our community.


Speaking of which...


Have you checked out our Shine CHAT?


I recently shared some thoughts on the challenges and realities of creating a successful Chinese streetwear brand. In such an oversaturated market, it’s crucial for brands to set themselves apart through strong brand identity. Simply designing and manufacturing trendy apparel isn’t enough to sustain long-term brand loyalists and survive among the dense competition. Of course, the ultimate goal for any business is to make money, but I believe the true recipe for success is carefully building a brand around its authentic culture.


Get the scoop on our new Shine streetwear designs: Introducing GOT NO FEARS

As an entrepreneur, I’ve had to confront my own uncertainties, doubts, and internal skeptic. I think inner fear is something we can all relate to. GOT NO FEARS speaks to those moments, which serve as inspiration behind the brand. Founder Show Lo created his collection as a nod to facing those inner fears throughout various stages of life. Everyone has a darkness inside, he says, so are you willing to confront it, or will you try to escape from it? I totally believe and stand behind their motto, “When you are fearless, you can overcome everything!”


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Until then, stay golden!



                                Green Xia

Founder of Shine Marketplace


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