Shine Marketplace E-news | Issue 1 | April 9th 2020

Hey, It's Green, the founder of Shine, and I have so much to tell you. 

Like many of you, I'm stuck at home. And I have so much I want to do. 

Over the past two months, I've spent almost my entire design budget revamping Shine Marketplace in L.A. into a Chinese vintage-style “grocery store.” The look combines a Cantonese café and an old Beijing grocery store, but with clothes in the fridge and shoeboxes in the shopping cart.

There you can savor Chinese fast noodles with authentic Szechuan spicy sauce, lick the Beijing sugar-coated haws on a stick and — of course — touch and feel the dopest original streetwear from China.

My goal: to provide a warm gateway to China on Fairfax Ave. (Try that, Supreme!)


My team and I were planning a massive re-launch party on March 14th … then COVID-19 shut everything down.

So you can imagine my frustration being stuck at home when I'm dying to bring Chinese youth flavor to the multi-cultural community on Fairfax. I can’t wait to share the creativity and creations of young Asian talent.

Of course, we all have to beat this pandemic together — which we will — and Shine Marketplace on Fairfax will re-open to welcome you in street style. As a subscriber to this newsletter, you'll be the first to know when that will happen.

And, of course, you're invited.

In the meantime…

Streetwear Rescue

A Korean artist and a Chinese artist co-designed the very first Shine Marketplace collection, which we planned to drop with the re-launch of the store. It includes limited-edition hoodies, shirts, dad hat, and other accessories. The inspirations come from Chinese tobacco companies in the 80s that have now all disappeared.

With Shine, they live again. (At least their designs do.)

Luckily, before all Fairfax Avenue stores closed for the quarantine — it feels like a ghost town — I rescued all the clothes and put them up on A web launch is nowhere near as lit a live launch — we're working on an app to help you feel and smell the clothes, but that might take another decade. So the web it is, and I still think you'll like what you see.

Stay Positive and Creative

I decided to stay positive in these tough times, but I need your support. Even if you're not in the mood to shop, check out our Instagram to scope out and participate in our #LetYourTalentShine campaign, where we feature anyone who flexes their creative skills. Then please trip over to to check out our collection of culture and creations crafted in China, and tell us what you think.

And do play it safe so you can make it to our grand re-opening party in L.A. Anyone who shows support today will receive a big smile and a surprise at the doormat of Shine Marketplace.

Stay golden!


Green Xia

Founder of Shine Marketplace


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