Shine CHAT Special Edition. After the Loot Where should We Go: Q&A with Green

Shine CHAT Special Edition

After The Loot Where Should We Go: Q&A With Green 


Green Xia

Hello everybody, this is Green, and welcome to Shine chat.

Q: Green, everyone is concerned about the current situation, can you briefly tell us what has happened?

Green: Everything happened in a snap of a finger. We all knew there was a parade that morning formed by peaceful protesters, so we did not think that looting would break out. Funny thing is when we opened two years ago, we’ve been robbed and looted many times, so we really invested in security like putting up a metal gate. You can say we are “experienced” in such situations.

However, this time we underestimated the scale of the riots and looting that occurred. We only started to realize how bad the situation escalated, when the entire street of Fairfax became a target of the looters. HUF was the first store to be broken into, a statue put at the front of the store for display was taken. Our neighbor Flight Club was also broken into as the looters broke down their metal fence and wooden boards protecting the store. 

Just when I thought our store should be fine because it is empty, someone sent me a video of a looter breaking the window with a fire extinguisher. But seriously, we were so lucky. Due to an interior renovation, we took everything out of the store so it wouldn’t interfere with anything. It wasn’t because we knew that looters would attack our store. The looters did not see anything inside so they left. We got really lucky. 

But many of our neighbors like Flight Club and RoundTwo literally got cleared out. Many goods stolen from the store were either burned or sold. The stores that got looted suffered great losses. Now we have the police force to protect our store, but the riot was really dangerous.

Q: How much do you think the rioting on Fairfax has affected the streetwear business in Los Angeles?

Green: I think it affected the business tremendously. For retailers, all of us have already suffered great losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now adding insult to injury with the rioting and the looting, business in 2020 is going downhill and is only going to get worse. One word - “harsh/difficult/hard”

And it isn’t just Fairfax, to have the US return to the state before the pandemic and the protest is very difficult. The reason being it is an internal cultural issue within the US, racism. If the minorities don’t get closure and this issue does not get resolved, then protests, rioting, and looting will most certainly happen again in the future.

     One word - “harsh/difficult/hard”

Q: How is everything looking in New York?

Green: Since protesting in New York happened a day later than Los Angeles, we hired 4 armed security guards to protect our store and we took everything out of the store. Looters will still break into stores, but if they see armed security guards, they won’t try to break in. Yesterday, the security guards saw looters pass by and give up on looting our stores. But other stores like Stock X and Flight Club all got broken into.

Q: Has anything like this happened before?

Green: If you know American history, you know that everytime obvious unequal treatment towards African Americans occurs, there would be a protest. As far as I am concerned, protests in the previous years were only in forms of peaceful parades and smashing police patrol cars, but this year, the looting started.

Q: What is your opinion on the current situation?

Green: I can’t really do anything about it because protesting is actually quite normal in the US, it’s just that this time the scale is really big. Even though most people are peaceful protestors, there are always people who take this opportunity to do bad things.

Q: After all the protest, will you consider putting more attention and effort into your business in China, and what are you following plans?

Green: Our next step is to open up a store in Shanghai, around the end of July. We have always been focusing on our business in China, whether it be the store on TMall, JD, or Sanlitun in Beijing. It’s just that because of the pandemic in the US, we want more support from our Chinese customers.

I also have a lot of upcoming plans for Shine Marketplace, as I hope to bring more Chinese streetwear brands to the US, we are polishing our website, opening up more channels online, and doing cross promotions with other brands.

For our store, we also did a complete interior renovation to do better offline. But taking in account the pandemic, we are currently focusing our online business. In the second half of 2020, our goals are to introduce more brands in the US and open up the retail channels for Shine.

Q: Since the pandemic, besides the impact on your company, how did it impact your personal life and the life of the people around you?

Green: Many of my friends returned to China, but I stayed here because of my family and my business. I hope I can reach my goals and take care of the miscellaneous things around me so I can return to China. 

As for my personal life, I put most of my time on my work. Recently I have been doing more work online, like Douyin and live streaming, those which are very different from what I am used to. Overall, I hope Shine and Solestage can return to what they were before and get back on the right track.

     We are the witness of the history. Though it is a tough time, 
we will still try our best to make it

中文版本: Shine CHAT Special Edition. 暴乱下的我们:Green Q&A


Green:事情发生的比较突然,其实那天早上我们知道是游行,但按照惯例来说游行是不会出现的 “打砸抢” 的情况,所以我们也没有想那么多。

其实我们的店铺在刚开的前两年就已经被砸过好几次,我们做了严实的铁门,也把整个外墙都遮蔽住了,所以相对来说还是比较有经验的。但是我们完全低估了这次暴乱的规模,当他们到了 Fairfax 开始 “打砸抢” 的时候,我们才意识到这次暴乱实际上非常严重。

我们的邻居 HUF 是第一个被砸的, 他们店铺门口有一个雕像直接被别人偷走了。另外一个邻居 Flight Club,虽然在门口打了木板和铁门,但是被暴徒们销毁并且闯了进去。

当我还在庆幸我们店里没有东西的时候,就收到一个视频 —— 我们的店被别人用消防栓砸掉了玻璃。但是我们其实是非常幸运的,因为最近在装修,这期间为了不影响装修就把货品撤下去了,其实并不是为了防止 “打砸抢”,所以说我们是阴差阳错,当暴徒进去的时候发现里面没有东西就走了。所以说也算运气好吧,我们就逃过了这一劫。

但是其他邻居像 Round Two、Flight Club 都直接被洗劫一空,东西拿出来很多就被烧毁了,也有一些就被他们拿去低价卖掉。其实损失很大。目前警察已经过来帮我们把店门口看住了,但是当时动乱发生时没有控制住的,所以说这次还是挺危险的。


Green:影响非常大。作为实体店来说,至少在近两个月没有生意的情况下,已经是亏损很严重了,再加上这一次的暴乱,估计 2020 年一整年都会处在一个急剧下滑的趋势里面。就是一个字——“难”。

我觉得不只是 Fairfax,整个美国要恢复到疫情和暴乱之前的水平都是非常难的。因为这一次的暴乱,原因其实就是美国一个内部文化产生的冲突,是所谓的种族歧视。这个问题不解决,那这种暴乱以后还会有。


Green:因为纽约发生暴乱比洛杉矶要晚一天,所以我们在一开始就请了 4 个配枪的保安,然后店内也迅速被我们清空。虽然暴徒依然是 “打砸抢”,但是他们如果看到店里有保安,特别是那种配枪的保安,他们是不敢动的。所以昨天保安们一整晚坐在店里面看着,这些暴徒经过我们的店也不敢轻举妄动。但我们也了解到其他店的情况,像 Stock X 还有 Flight Club 都被砸了。






Green:我们下一阶段的计划就是上海店开业,大概 7 月底就会开业了。其实我们一直很注重国内,我们在北京三里屯有线下门店,在天猫,京东也都有线上店。我们一直都非常重视,而这段时间因为美国的疫情的原因,我们也的确需要更多来自中国客户的帮助。

至于国潮店,其实我对于Shine Marketplace的计划很多,我希望是把更多的国产品牌带到美国来给大家看,然后我们也在积极的做网站,把线上的渠道打开,同时跟品牌做一些cross promotion互相推广。其实这些我们一直都有在做,而且我也一直有在努力地想怎么让Shine真正的做起来。




就我自己的生活的话,重心还是在工作上。我最近一直在做一些线上的东西,比如说抖音和直播,这些和之前的工作方式不大一样,也是在寻求一些改变吧。总体还是希望Shine Marketplace和Solestage能早日恢复正常,走上正轨。



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